Locally inspired

Mercure colorful façade

Mercure colorful façade

Most authentic experience - Locally inspired decoration - Genuine & enthusiastic people

Every Mercure is a portal to a destination. Its staff are genuinely knowledgeable about the city and every detail of the decor tells a story about the location and its cultural heritage. While every Mercure hotel is unique, all share the same passion for highquality services. So from the moment our guests step inside a Mercure – be it in Paris, Rio or Bangkok – they are immersed in their destination. Mercure, Locally inspired hotels.


Classic - Midscale International 3/4 stars


  • 842 hotels in the network

  • 110,228 rooms in the network

  • 62 countries

  • 204 hotels in the pipeline

  • 32,443 rooms in the pipeline

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  • Locally inspired
  • Local wine & beverage concept
  • Local stories
  • Brand wall

Key concept


Each hotel has its own style and personality. The design and decor of each hotel tells an authentic and inspiring story. Blending classic decoration with a modern twist or contemporary design and heritage, Mercure hotels are a promise of an inspiring escape.

  • #1 Highest premium perception of the largest mid brands worldwide

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