Acting for Positive Hospitality. Because we take care of millions of guests, because every one of our hotels is a planet, and because every action matters. Wherever we might be, let's strive to open up new horizons and invite the world to join us in better preparing for the future.

We're much more than a global hotel industry leader. We're 280,000 inquisitive and passionate men and women who are proud of our differences and work in a hugely diverse range of professions. It means that we have the opportunity to open up new horizons and address our travellers' concerns about the environment and social responsibility. This is what we are now doing by setting our sights on new, strong commitments with Acting Here.


Imagine a city with 500,000 inhabitants. Imagine thousands of lives crossing paths on a daily basis. Imagine hundreds of thousands of people with access to food, heating, lighting, washing facilities and supplies... That city is Accor, the world’s leading hotel operator with 4,900 hotels in 110 countries. Just like a modern metropolis, our hotels welcome over 120 million guests and serve 200 million meals each year.

We are fully aware of the challenges this represents and of our responsibility as a company and economic player, so we have always been fully committed to limiting the negative impacts of our activity and creating tangible benefits for our employees, guests, suppliers, partners and host communities. With our 280,000 employees demonstrating, on a daily basis, their commitment to providing a warm welcome and excellent hospitality for all our guests, we see our corporate social responsibility process feeding into every aspect of the Accor business. We focus this energy on concrete initiatives which reach beyond the company in order to prevent child sex tourism, sustain agroforestry and support the least fortunate in society.

In 2015, our PLANET 21 program ended on a very positive note which is testimony to the hard work and commitment of all the teams. In 2016, it will be the turn of our ambitious 2020 plan to make its mark and drive the change towards Positive Hospitality wherever we are.

Sébastien Bazin, Chairman and CEO
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