Your travel companion

When turning the digital transformation key we want to know, welcome and serve our guests better.

Before, the hotel experience was limited to the stay. But that was before. Now, there's the during, but also the before and after. And in order to support and guide our guests at all these stages we've extended our digital services to each of them: from dreaming about and choosing the destination, right through to the return home, including the booking stage, preparation, the actual stay and sharing the experience.

Do you want choice?

You'll find it. With just one click on the site you access a selection of over 6,000 hotels, including all of the Group's brands, but now also independent hotels. Our simple and powerful platform guarantees you the best choice, whatever your style: whether it's for a chic, mainstream, luxury or cut-price stay. And we don't limit ourselves to offering you choice, we provide you with inspiration too! How? By providing you with dozens of City Guides (in eight different languages!). There at the click of your mouse or via your touch screen, you can check out the cultural, gastronomic and shopping potential offered by your next destination. Then in just a few clicks, put your dream stay in your shopping basket.

Check for yourself! Escape from it all!

In your pocket

For a long time, I went to bed early. And then I got the app. For incredible daydreams, surfing, scrolling, booking… and returning. This other building brick in Accor digital offering makes life easy. Once again, you'll find all of the Group's brands here as well as independent hotels. This unique app is a real travel companion. And not an embarrassing companion but a fellow team member in the form of a road book to slip in your pocket. The app brings together all of the practical travel tools: a 360° tour and facility for booking the hotel, plane or train, the local weather forecast, city guides… And a whole raft of services, such as online check-in / check-out, taxi booking, room service, hot meals, access to thousands of international press titles and access to your Le Club AccorHotels account. Another of the benefits of the app is that it enables you to communicate and share.  There's been a noticeable innovation since 2016: you can now sync it with your LinkedIn profile. At Accor we call that the “Business Check”, i.e. the option to inform your professional network of your next stay in such and such a capital… and so make maximum capital out of your contacts, whether they're  prospective or long-standing!

Once you've said to the guest that you're not there to ask for his passport or credit card, that's the opportunity to engage in personalized dialogue that generates value.

Download our app (it’s free!) !

Accor All App

Soon it’ll hold no further secrets for you.


It's a match!

For all those who've already racked their brains to find the destination for their next trip: we've got the solution. Its name: MoodMatch. An unprecedented experience-based search engine, which, through the use of technology developed by the startup company, Travelsify, defines our hotels' DNA according to 4 criteria: ambiance, decorative style, neighborhood and the little extras. Then what? It's up to you to make your choice. Whether you are looking for a cozy and romantic atmosphere, or a bright address with a family spirit, one of our hotels’ DNA will always match your mood! MoodMatch is available in France and the United Kingdom, via the “Inspire Me” tab on our website!

Silicon Valets

Aren't valets outmoded? In short trousers and gold-buckled shoes, maybe. But the virtual valet is highly rated. With us, he's called My Web Valet. He's there at your service via all terminals once you arrive and connect to the establishment's Wi-Fi network (and the app of course!). In very practical terms, all of the services and information associated with your stay can be accessed and booked from the platform with just a few clicks. So that means there's no longer any need to go via reception to book your spa treatments or dinner in the hotel restaurant!

A virtual valet but also digital concierges! Some of our brands have already launched this, with Novotel being one of them. And here's the Virtual Concierge identikit.

Virtual Concierge by Novotel

A virtual valet just for you.


Loyalty program

Our loyalty program with 40 million members never ceases to surprise. Can you make loyalty go hand in hand with solidarity? It allows its members to turn their rewards points into financial donations to projects supported by our Accor Solidarity fund. 

In that same year, Le Club AccorHotels opened the door to some great shows and sports events for its members… for a unique experience, in a private box at the AccorHotels Arena. And since the comfort of a room just can't wait… our program is also the key to “online” check-in for a personalized welcome without all the formalities. And a “fast check-out” for a speedy departure. And automatic emailing of the invoice.  

So many innovations to guarantee that “Feel Welcome Back” sensation that makes all the difference.