Food & Beverage

With our F&B strategy, we create venues that are not simply “hot and trendy,” but rather essential to the very fabric of the cities and communities where we live – for locals and travelers alike.

Our mission is to make food and beverage the heart and soul of our hotels by thinking like restaurateurs and delivering an experience that is excellent, relevant and authentic.

Aiming for excellence combined with conviviality

Food & Beverage is a key ingredient in our hospitality and has always influenced the reputation of our addresses. But our environment has changed: new travelers hunger and thirst for ever greater simplicity, excellence and authenticity and are demanding and tasteful in the way they choose their addresses. 

We don’t have « hotel restaurants », we don’t have « hotel bars », we have great bars and restaurants. This, is the key transformation that we have made at Accor. 

  • 10,000 restaurants & bars

  • €5bn in annual revenue

  • 200 million meals served each year

  • 80,000 passionately enthusiastic talented employees

At Accor, we believe there are 8 secular trends that have a deep impact on our customers and our business:

  • « Interested »: people are hungrier and more passionate than ever to explore all things food-related.
  • « Social »: if you eat something delicious and don’t post it on Instagram, did you really eat it?
  • « Informed »: menus, prices and reviews for any hotel or restaurants are literally at our fingertips, creating a more informed consumer with higher expectations.
  • « No compromise »: there is no excuse not to impress at every price point and opportunity.
  • « Healthful »: a more health oriented and socially-conscientious consumer means more transparency in sourcing ingredients and more education for our servers.
  • « Hurried »: long, drawn out dining experiences are no longer in demand, we must provide more in less time.
  • « Less is more »: simplicity is the new luxury , but black is still the new black
  • « Convenience »: there are more options than ever for eating in your robe, delivery services have forced us to step up our game.

The public have become real experts, and demanding experts at that! Before choosing a venue for lunch or a drink, our guests spend a long time perusing online reviews and ratings. They spend less and less time sitting at the table, but are hungry for simplicity, quality and transparency: they are concerned about the provenance of the food they eat and its impact on their health.

Co-building a new hospitality

It is to meet all these new expectations that we have re-enchanted our Food & Beverage offer around 4 strategic pillars.

First, by delivering excellence with authenticity and simplicity, which means the basics have to be perfect. Authenticity means no lying. Simplicity means no artifice.

Then comes the entertainment. Today, people are looking for great experiences and moments to remember. Often, this just means being more transparent with the theater of our craft.

We also listen to our guests. Feedback and data are powerful tools, but difficult to use, both objectively and emotionally. We help address this by developing best practices on how to digest this data and act on it.

Finally, we always place the people at the heart of what we do and that is why we strive to inspire and motivate our teams every day. We select for personality and train for excellence. We nurture and maximize talent for the benefit of our guests.

Amir Nahai, CEO Food & Beverage and Lifestyle, tells you more about the trends that are disrupting the industry and explains our F&B strategy:

Bringing pleasure to our guests, responsibly

Healthy, local and responsible eating is a major concern for our guests. And because we are absolutely determined never to disappoint them and always act positively, we have introduced a Healthy and Sustainable Food Charter for our restaurants. This charter is not dependent on labels but is based on sharing our convictions and our commitments and on the local particulars, specific to each.

We feed our guests like we would feed our own family, in a responsible way.

We do not take this issue lightly. Especially as F&B represents a not-insignificant proportion of our environmental footprint, particularly upstream, at the farming stage, whether in terms of water consumption or our carbon impact. What is the goal of the “Food” element of Planet 21, our social and environmental responsibility program? To offer our guests healthy, sustainable food, whilst eliminating food waste. 

F&B, done to a T 

One of the key objectives of our F&B approach is to create a true area of excellence. We have strengthened the training given to our teams and their managers, with genuine career paths, in order to further increase the warmth and authenticity of the service and welcome offered in our restaurants. We have also been innovative as regards the recruitment methods we use in order to attract people with different talents and individual personalities, for example by organizing casting sessions or allowing each individual to express their passion for customer service… including their culinary creativity.

Part Australian and part English, Angela Brown is the Chef at the SO/ Hua Hin on Thailand's east coast.
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